NBN Installation and Relocation Melbourne

Take control of your NBN connection with a little help from the team at Fibre Tech, your trusted nbn installation contractors in Melbourne.

We can provide homes and businesses with a range of NBN-related services including:

  • NBN HFC installation
  • NBN wall socket installation
  • NBN box relocation
  • NBN home and business cabling
  • Wireless point relocations
  • Access point relocations
  • Network cabling and structured cabling
  • Fibre data cabling

NBN Relocations

nbn wall socket installation

Too often, NBN technicians will just install access points and equipment wherever is convenient. This can lead to poor wireless coverage or inconvenient cabling. At Fibre Tech, we can help with NBN relocations whatever your connection (FTTC, FTTH, FTTP, FTTN).

We have helped customers all over Melbourne to relocate their NBN equipment to more convenient locations in their homes and businesses. Our friendly and experienced staff will make sure the relocation is quick and easy and ensure you get the best possible connection in the most convenient place.

We can help to relocate your NBN NTD and PSU as well as relocating wall sockets and wireless points to more convenient locations. We can also carry out testing, troubleshooting and fault finding to ensure you get the strongest and fastest signal coverage throughout your home or business.

NBN Fibre NTD Installations and Relocations

At Fibre Tech, we also specialise in 3M™ One Pass Fibre Pathway installation.

Getting fibre into existing buildings can be difficult. It can often involve trying to move cable through building materials like brick or plaster, which may not be possible. Alternative solutions often involve running exposed trunking or conduit, which won’t be an appealing option for clients.

3M™ One Pass Fibre Pathway is a horizontal cable pathway and drop cable solution installed in one pass around a hallway perimeter. It’s specifically designed for use in multi-unit dwellings but is also suitable for hotels, hospitals, schools and small businesses.

The process is:

  • Compatible with a variety of wall surfaces
  • Available in a variety of lengths and pre-loaded with 6 or 12 fibres
  • Factory terminated at one end with SC connectors (optional)

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Whatever your NBN installation or relocation requirements, you can trust the team at Fibre Tech. We are registered cablers and have completed projects of all size and complexity for homes and businesses all over Melbourne.

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